Friday, August 6, 2010

Droppin' Evangelism Bombs

When we were preparing to move here to Costa Rica, someone told us that Costa Rica was a good "first step" missions location with, more or less, the following explanation:
A first step missions location is a place that is safe and comfortable where people won't have to step too far out of their comfort zone and where they won't have to work TOO hard. Its a good place to get one's feet wet in missions, but hopefully people serving with you will want to move on to "real" missions opportunities.
Yes, someone actually said that do us.

Anyway, I guess others share that same view because I have seen a lot of people down here, not working with us, but a ton of missions teams coming down with their matching t-shirts, running into the town squares or squatter villages or even going door to door, dropping their "evangelism bombs", and fleeing back to the safety and comfort of North American life.

What is an "evangelism bomb" you ask?

Let me give you an example rather than a definition, one of the many examples I have seen these last 3 years. A group of professional athletes, christians, show up here to show these poor impoverished peoples how to play a game. They throw a clinic in said sport, invite all the natives, and show off their skills. At the end of the clinic several of these athletes get up and say:

I am here to help you because Jesus loves you.

After all the testimonies, one of the athletes, usually the most famous, gets up to "close the deal".  He usually says something like:
I used to party all the time, spent a bunch of time seeking my fame and fortune, had all the girls I could stand, but I was not happy. Jesus came into my life and now I'm happy and you can be too if you accept Jesus.

Lets all close our eyes. Now, if thats what you want just raise your hand, pray this pray, and thats it.

Ok, we finished the prayer so you are now saved. Go and live a saved and blessed life, brothers.
Did you see it? The evangelism bomb. It was there.

Its the: here is God, accept Him, but I'm leaving and there is no one to help you. No one to teach you who He is, how to talk to Him, how to live a live for Him, and no advice or information on how to find someone to help you.

Its like a soldier lopping a grenade into an enemy bunker.  The grenade  doesn't seek out a specific enemy or prevent the death of a friendly.  Its a long distance, indiscriminate killer that, at times, does more harm than good.

I am not saying don't tell others about Christ, His love, His salvation, His peace, and how to live for Him.  I am just saying, can we at least learn from Anheuser Busch and evangelize responsibly?

I mean, lets be there, lets build relationships, lets share, and lets follow up.

What DID Jesus do?

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