Monday, August 9, 2010

Why I'm Here

There is a slight disagreement in our house right now.  Nothing major, nothing that is going to tear TheVWM and I apart, but nonetheless a disagreement.  The subject being our arrival here in Costa Rica.  She says its the August 7th, I say the 9th, but it we both agree it was 3 years ago that we first set foot in Central America as a family.

Now we have shared some amazing times during these 3 years: we have learned (better yet, are learning) to speak spanish, made friendships and had the opportunity to share the love of Christ with many of these new friends, seen our sons grow into incredible young men who have shown more adaptability and ingenuity than most adults we know, not to mention the sights we have seen in this amazingly rich and diverse part of the wold, but...there have been days when all I can do is ask why.

Why did I quit my job?, leave my family?, leave all that was comfortable and enjoyable in my life?

or maybe just, 

Why the hell am I here?

The Answer:

Today I said goodbye to William and Jessica.  William and Jessica are missionaries who, in less then 6 hours will be heading out to the field.   These are not their real names and I can't tell you where they are going because William and Jessica are heading off to a restricted country.  

Seriously, don't bother asking I won't tell you!

William is young, under 30, intelligent, from a good family with prospects for the future, but about 2 years ago he gave it all up to serve in this restricted country.  In country William cannot communicate freely, cannot say he is a missionary, and he definitely cannot openly share his faith in Christ because, well, killing missionaries is not out of the norm.  Just before his move, William and Jessica started dating, but he left anyway (no easy feet for a young man smitten).  He did not know if he would ever see Jessica again, so why the move?  

Jessica, much like William, has everything going for her.  She is creative and active and is more than adequately equipped to live a "successful" life.  At some point during William's first year in this unnamed country, he proposed to her via Skype, and just last year they were married.  Before the wedding, she made a short trip to the country in an effort to catch a glimpse of her future life.  She could not leave the house with any part of her body uncovered or walk around unaccompanied or spend time with anyone that has a penis.  So now, Jessica's future seems more like slavery than an abundant life, so why the move?

They are why we are here.

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