Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crabs in the House!

I have this friend, Torres.  We usually meet once a week to study scripture and encourage one another.  He is a great guy and I really enjoy spending time with him.  Anyway, as I am leaving work to pick him up I give him a call.  He tells me it will take him a little longer than usual to get ready because he has crabs in his house.

Crabs in his house!

Since that is so far out of my norm, I ask Torres to box up the crab to show the kids.   Maybe it was a tad culturally insensitive, I'm not sure, but we are friends.

When I get to his house, out pops Torres holding a Tupperware container, taped shut, housing a single crab.  As we drive off he tells me these crabs come into his house when there is a lot of rain, and yesterday we had a lot of rain.  Now, maybe I should mention that Torres lives almost a mile above sea level and there are no oceans around.  

So we head off and grab a bite to eat and we start talking about the story of Jesus calming the sea.  You know the story. Jesus is doing ministry on one side of the Sea of Galilee, but needs to get to the other side.  He is tired, he needs some rest, so after He tells the disciples to take Him over to the other side, He falls asleep.  On the way, a storm gets going and these men, these fishermen, accomplished sailors, get scared and finally, when there is nothing else they can do to save themselves, they turn to Jesus.

Now by this time the disciples had seen a lot.  They know Jesus is the Messiah, they have given up their careers, their families, their homes to follow Him.  The have seen people healed and raised from the dead.  Demons have been cast out and lives changed.  They KNOW, and still we see them scared even though He is with them.

Somehow, someway, they forgot everything.  They forgot who they were with.  They forgot what He had done.  They forgot everything they had learned.  They were left with nothing but doubt, fear, thoughts of their own security and future.  

The storm took their focus off Jesus, and onto themselves.

So as Torres and I are talking about what the disciples were focused on, I am thinking about that crab.  Those crabs just appear in Torres' house when it rains.  Who knows where they comes from, or why they are there, but when there is a storm, and those crabs are in the house, there is nothing else.  There are only these hard, spikey, pinchy little crabs running around the house wreaking havoc and everyone is focused on getting them out!

I guess the point is perspective.  When the storm comes, when it hits the fan, what are you focusing on?  When do you turn to Him, or do you?  

Really, what can those little crustaceans do?

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