Monday, October 25, 2010

Clean the Gutters

Have you ever just let things go?

You know like the dishes, the yard, working out, or my favorite personal finances (ie the budget, the taxes, retirement planning).  Eventually you get this pile of stuff that needs to be done, look at, fixed or filed and it seems insurmountable.

Not our mess, but you get the picture.

Now I know this happens to everyone from time to time, and often for good reason.  There are things that happen to us that deserve the full measure of our time and energy and justify a break from the responsibilities of everyday life.  Occasionally a few dishes in the sink should not only be tolerated, but expected, however, at some point the reasons why really cease to be.  At some point there is just a mess.

Your boss doesn't want to hear that your kid had an ear infection and your mother-in-law came to visit and is driving you nuts (which has never happened to me) and you car wouldn't start and you had explosive diarrhea and THAT is why your report is 2 months late.  NO!!!  He, or she, just wants your job done! 


You know it needs to get done.  You know, more or less, what needs to get done and how to do it, but where do you start?

I have heard several people talk about this kind of thing.  Its usually at some conference or seminar that I paid WAY too much to attend.  Maybe at a "breakout" session, or some type of general assembly, but you get these guru types that say things like:

"You have to tackle the smallest job first.  
Once you get IT out of the way it will seem like less work.",

Or sometimes,

"Just put a little into each thing day by day.  
Soon EVERYTHING will be done."

Or how about this:

"Just make a list of everything that needs to be done 
and as soon as you finish an item on the list, cross it out.  
The crossed out items will help motivate you to finish the entire list."

Regardless of what they have "taught" me it all boils down to the 

Will I see that pile-o-crap and do something?  Will I turn off the tele and get it started?  Will I keep making detailed plans on how to conquer the knee high weeds in the backyard or will I hoist my big ol' butt off the couch and git choppin'?

Well its been over a month, but I'm back!

1. Clean the gutters
2. Wash the car
3. Post a blog 
4. Clean the closet
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