Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am Boycotting "Christian"!

I am making an effort to be a little more socially relevant.  

My tendency is to isolate myself from the day to day goings on and focus on the task at hand.  That typically means I am behind the time on news, social events, and, if you have seen me lately you will know this to be true, fashion sense.  Couple that with a strong tendency to want to be "different" and you can see how this "perfect storm" (see, that is totally what popped into my mind, a 10 year old movie reference) could create a lack of connectedness.

Part of my plan is to read a bit more news, read a few more books, and try and stay connected with friends and family a bit better, and before you attack, its a process.  Be patient.

Anyway, today as I am reading the news I come across this on the New York Times website:

In Kentucky, Noah’s Ark Theme Park Is Planned

Immediately I get this sick to my stomach feeling.  You know the feeling you get when you are a kid and you opened your Christmas presents before Christmas and rewrapped them, but you could see in your mom's eyes that she knows and you just want to die (sorry mom). 

Its not so much the idea, the park may be a fun family friendly experience worthy of a visit, its the fact that we are using Christ as a marketing tool.  Do a little googling.  Type the word "christian" in front of anything you want to buy, any service you could possibly need and see what happens.  Here are a few things I found:

  • Christian T-Shirts (obvious)
  • Christian Professionals (financial advisers, car salesman, marketing companies, and attorneys)
  • Christian Towels (hmmm, is there a holy and unholy way to dry off)
  • Christian iPods, Christian Shoes, Christian Jewelry

There are also several websites that offer Christian Sex Toys.  I am really struggling with that one, not because I am opposed to sex, I just can't see how they could be any different.  Maybe they have been blessed or are packed with a copy of the Song of Solomon.

Regardless of what is being sold, it seems if someone slaps a christian sticker on it and sells it in the name of the Lord we, "christians", eat it up to the tune of $4.6 Billion!!!  

It drives me crazy!

So here is what I am going to do.  I am boycotting the word "christian" as an adjective.  I will know longer listen to christian music, just music.  No longer buy a christian book, just books.  No christian t-shirts, shoes, rings, socks, or any other unmentionables.  I won't even go to a christian church, just to church.

Aw heck, why not just drop the word altogether.  

I am no longer a christian, just a follower of Christ.

Anybody with me?  Anybody sick of this?   
Anybody seen something worse than Christian Sex Toys?