Friday, January 7, 2011


So I'm talking with my parents the other day about a project they have been working on for their church, Bayside Church of Lincoln.  As a church they decided that they really haven't been meeting the needs of the community so they sent out a team to speak with leaders in the community, presidents of companies, store owners, politicians, to ask:

How can we do this better? 

I love that!  Looking back, evaluating honestly, and trying to make things right.  Businesses do it, at least successful ones, sports teams, even TheVWM and I have done it to improve our marriage, but "the church"** seems to be reluctant to do it.  

So, I am just curious, what you think.  

Where is the church doing a good job?  but more importantly, Where is the church failing you, your community, the world?  

BE KIND!!! No names please!!! unless its something great.

**by the church I mean collectively, not necessarily a specific place of worship.
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