Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Share Some Love

It was just about a year ago that I first posted as El Chupacabra.  What has surprised me most is not that people read this crap, but the willingness of others to put their reputations on the line to support, encourage, and even endorse this site even though it was a baby, less than a year old.  Now comes my turn to share some love.

These past couple of  weeks I have been reading more of what is out there on the interwebs and I found a couple of new blogs that really stuck with me.  These blogs showed  honest expressions of the thoughts, fears, struggles, and foul mouthedness of the authors and I feel they are worthy of passing on.

The first one is One Righteous Babe.  ORG just started her blog, but has already said a lot.  She is sharing her desire to live a life as a follower of Christ without having it all figured out.  Struggling to find her place in the world without knowing where it is.  Writing what is on her heart without caring what others think.

So hopefully I will resolve my issues this year and actually be able to write on this blog for a year, not get pregnant, stop hating myself, be radical annnd grow a pair. 
ORG, you have already "grown a pair" so keep up the blog!  Oh yeah, don't worry about others reading the word "pissed" on your blog, say what is on your mind.  My guess is everyone, "christians" included, have said much worse.  Lets cut the bs piety and shoot for some realism.

The second bog that really hit me is The Justice Journey.  The blog is Doug Mullin's vehicle to live out his faith in a real manner.  His place to ask questions about faith, affect change in the world, and ask for accountability.  Its easy to make a New Year's Resolution, but its hard to do it publicly where someone is going to ask how things are going.

 Doug, speaking of himself:
As he traveled and made new friends, his faith was challenged. Owing in part to his time in Seoul and in part to his continued friendship with an atheist, his outlook on life was greatly altered. Upon his departure of Seoul, he had determined that he was Christian by choice, not merely by birth.
I love the fact that Doug is questioning, and resolving his faith.  What would the world look like if "christians" all examined their lives and attempted to live as authentic followers of Christ?

Now I know I don't have the largest following in the world (although it is rather large).  I do, however,  have a great relationship with the author of one of the fastest growing blogs in the "Christian" blog-o-sphere, Jamie TheVWM (don't tell anyone, but I have been sleeping with her for a while).  So who knows, maybe this will help.

Now comes your job.  

Have you read any good "new" blogs (less than 1 year old) that need to be mentioned?  Is your blog needing a little boost in readership?

Leave a comment, tell the world.