Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Still Already!

When I was 5 we started going to church.  It was one of those old-timey denominations typically associated with oatmeal. We didn't have to wear any funny hats or drive around in buggies, but we did have some scripture framed and hung prominently in the front of the sanctuary, up by the pastor.

The verse was under glass in that needlepoint style, and given the average age of the congregation it probably was needlepoint.  I looked at that thing every Sunday morning and Wednesday night for years, and every time I thought it was an antiquated concept.  I mean really, I was part of the modern era.  I had no need for those turn-o-the-century ideas. Seriously, we were replacing our 8-tracks with cassettes, I could flip on the radio and listen to at least 1 song an hour that I liked, we rented laser discs every weekend to watch movies that were only about a year old, and my Atari 2600 kicked ass!!!

Life is about input.  Sights, sounds, colors, things hitting from all sides.  The modern man is all about filling the senses, stillness is for the blue hairs amongst us, right?

As I write this I am sitting outside on my porch. My iPod just played its last, my laptop has no speakers, and the lights are out.  Its dusk and the sky is a mix of grays and pinks, the wind is gently making its way through the coffee fields, the construction workers are occasionally treating me to some heart felt mariachi, the kids are playing in the streets, I can hear the clink of dishes inside which is telling me TheVWM is getting dinner ready.  Everything is calm.

I'm still!

Its really strange, but the only thing I am thinking about right now, is how great is our God, how wonderful his creation, how lucky I am to have a wife who loves me, kids who are proud of me, people that support me, a family that cares for me.

So maybe those ideas, those people, those verses that are a viewed as a bit more seasoned, a tad old fashioned, maybe the still do have a place in the modern world.

Oh, just got the word that dinner is on.


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