Wednesday, June 8, 2011

borrowed words

Every day when I am getting dressed, I see them:  

My son's arms spread wide, waiting for a hug.

And every night when I am getting ready for bed I hear him say,

"You're the best dad ever"

It helps get me through the day knowing that he cares for and appreciates me, and helps me sleep at night knowing I am wanted and he loves me.

More important then what he says is that he says it.  They are his thoughts, his feelings, his emotions.  He is not passing along borrowed words to sound more intelligent, more devoted, or trying to show off to his brothers.  He is not trying to change my mind, make me love him, or get something from me.

He is just telling me what he feels.

Even though there are times when we argue, or need our space I will always know that he loves me because he made me this card using his own words.

Given the choice, I would choose his words over borrowed words every time.

I wonder if God feels the same?
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