Sunday, June 26, 2011

falling rocks, are you nuts?

A couple of years ago we were adopted.

We hosted a work team from our home church, Lakeside Church, and one of the guys just kinda stepped up and took us on as his personal cause. He started letting us know what was happening in the church and passing on info about what was going on with us to the folks back home. He became our advocate, our intercessor, our champion.

It was no surprise then that when I asked for a little help for the blog, Kirk Weir stepped up and was the first person to offer his pen.


One of the topics our Church has been exploring is “what is sin?” A simplistic answer is “sin happens when we try to be our own God”. Where do you cross that line between a temptation (heck, even Christ was tempted) and falling into sin by pretending to be in charge?

Now, before you start to think “Geez – this guy Steve asked to sit in is getting WAYYYYY too heavy” let me turn to a real life example to lighten things up. The other day, I went on a motorcycle ride with a friend of mine who has been a key source of inspiration in my faith life. He’s also a very busy guy so I’m always grateful when he makes time for just the two of us to get out on the road. We get a chance to revel in the beauty of God’s creation and to reconnect on how things are with our families, our church and our personal struggles and triumphs.

Having checked the weather (heck, it was 92 degrees at home), I led him up a highway that would take us up into the mountains. As we got closer to the halfway point, I saw a big orange sign on the side of the road that said:

My response was “Pssshhhhh – dang County road crews haven’t put the cover back on the sign – it’s mid June!” We continued up the highway for about 10 miles until we saw another sign:

“Falling rocks? Are you nuts? There are no cliffs around here!” We continued up the highway for about 5 more miles – and started having to dodge rocks all over the road. Then we came to this:

By that time I started to get a little worried…was my friend (who was lightly dressed) getting cold? Did he think I was a complete tool for leading him into a snow-covered stretch of highway? Fortunately, his response was “this is awesome – let’s get a photo!” When I asked if he wanted to push on farther he said, “sure, let’s go!”

(The black arrow in the photo points to a narrow little strip on the opposite side of the road that was clear)

A couple of miles later we came to a section that was completely covered with snow about a foot deep and we had to turn around. At first I was mad and embarrassed. And then it hit me – someone HAD warned me ahead of time – about snow, and rocks on the road.

I had to try and do it my way.

Then I realized that all the time we spent in the oncoming traffic lane dodging rocks and snow there were no oncoming cars. Maybe I/we were lucky. Maybe God was actively looking out for us. Maybe God doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Was our stuff big stuff?

I don’t know the answers to those questions. I do know God judges our hearts. My friend and I had a great time, like we always do – and when I was worried he would label me a tool for ignoring the signs – he was gracious enough to dive in with me.

Sometimes I fall to the temptation to try and be my own God. In this case I was really trying to share one of my favorite of God’s works with a friend.

I’ll take it. And hopefully, I’ll be a little less tempted to try and always be in charge.

Kirk is just starting out in his blogging career so do me a favor, head on over to his blog, Heart to Serve, and give him a little encouragement.
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