Thursday, June 2, 2011

a helping hand

I have been struggling recently.  

No, I'm not doubting God's existence or sending pictures of my junk across the web (àla Representative Weiner), but I have been asking myself a few questions lately.

I am required to suffer for Jesus, right?  

If my job is ministry, true ministry, I should not be able to say that I love my job, should I? 

Truth is...

I love what I do.

  • Getting up everyday and being apart of a movement of disciples is great.  
  • Maintaining a facility that trains missionaries so they can be sent out into world to work with orphans, or refugees, or the "least of these" feels fantastic.  
  • Playing a role, albeit a small one, in the work of Christ throughout the globe, well, there is really nothing better.

I guess the only thing that is really difficult for me right now is that ever present issue of PRIDE.

I like it when I can do something for others.  I really like it when they tell me how great I am (yes that is a shameless plug for adoration).  There is nothing better than feeling important.

Frankly, when people approach you and say,

"I want to get closer to God and I know you can help me."

Honestly, that feels really good.  I know it is all about Christ and we should strive for humility, but it makes you feel all, well, important.  Better yet, it makes you feel indispensable, and I guess I like to feel indispensable, but the truth I'm not.

Anyone can do what I do.  Fixing toilets and cleaning gutters is not that difficult.  Hanging out with people doesn't require much skill.  I couldn't even manage to carve out an hour in the past 4 months to post anything.

Now in my defense, I did start taking classes to finish up my degree, I have been coaching football, and we did have some major projects going on at the ministry center, but admiting that I can't do everything really pisses me off!  Even worse, is admitting when I need some help, and...well...

I need some help!

I want to keep up with this blog, not because I am all that gifted an author, nor because I have anything worthy of sharing, but because I like it. Truthfully, it helps me process my thoughts and y'all help me hone them.

So here is what I need from you:


I think I can crank out about 2 posts a month, but I thought it might be nice to have some guest posts interspersed as well, you know, to keep it fresh.

If you think you might be interested in lending a helping hand send me an email.

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