Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Living in the emerging world means you are constantly caught between the old and the new, using things according to their intended purpose and, well, doing whatever you want or used to do.  Case in point:


We all know what roads are for, right? But, what if you live in a pedestrian society?  What if you live somewhere where they still use ox carts on a regular basis?

I have learned that roads are not so much for cars as they are for traffic of all kinds.  They make it easier to transport goods, materials, people over distance.  Roads are kind of the jack of all trades of the transportation world, but sidewalks, there you have a specialist. They are new, relatively speaking, narrow little people highways with the sole purpose of protecting our "breakable girls and boys" (stolen from Ingrid Michaelson's Breakable).  

Why wouldn't you use them?

We even have them here, brand new sidewalks, less than a year old.  They hem our tiny little country road, a gleaming beacon of protection screaming out, "USE ME!!", but people here don't.  The preferred mode of transportation, walking smack dab in the middle of the road.  It is this very preference which was the primary cause for my almost accident driving up the hill today.  Some dude walking in the road literally steps away from the sidewalk and safety.


It can't be to save time, we are talking seconds of difference, at best.  I am pretty sure he wasn't trying to save any energy either, he was walking downhill.  It had to be out of habit.  He has walked on that road for decades before that sidewalk existed and even though there is this new and improved, SAFER way to go, he continues doing what he does.  Living life on autoplilot.

So as I am swearing at this guy in my head, and well out of my head too, this little tidbit out of Proverbs comes to mind:

"As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."
Proverbs 26:11
Strange thing is, I have a feeling that this nugget of wisdom its not being directed at this guy, who is obviously being a fool, but at me! I'm the dog!

How many times do I blow it?  How often do I choose to return to my vomit, my old ways?  How often am I that jackass walking in the center of the road, spittin' distance from the sidewalk, from safety and freedom, from an abundant life?


Have you ever found yourself walking in the middle of the road with the safety of the sidewalk just steps away?  What problems has it caused you?  How can we keep walking in the safety of the sidewalk?

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