about me

I never wanted to be a missionary. To be quite honest, for the majority of my life I did not want to be a follower of Christ either. I was perfectly content living my life for myself until I met Him, and even then it was much easier to just go to church or give a little money than really give my life to Him. It wasn't until someone invested in me, taught me who Christ was/is, showed me how to live life for others, how to love, how to be loved that I even considered becoming a missionary.

I have since come to realize that the "who" I was is really irrelevant. I was a good student, played a little football in high school and college, got married, had kids (not necessarily in that order), was a cop, and I was a Christian. It was sort of an add-on faith. I lived my life and pulled along this title, this description.

Somewhere down the line I began to think of myself as a follower of Christ. All those things I did before, the "who" I was, the titles, the experiences, were actually little training sessions for my life as a follower of Christ. My thought process changed. I stopped asking, "How can I live my life as a "Christian?", and started asking, "As a follower of Christ, how can I use my ability to do ________ to show those around me who Christ is?"

So, thats me, I am a follower of Christ trying to live life with a mission.

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