Sometimes there are people who just get it. What we are trying to do, how we are living our lives, and what we write about. Every so often someone takes the time to let others know, and to those I say thanks.

Here are some of the kind things posted about us by others:

The Very Worst Missionary, The Very Best Blog
"Theirs are perhaps the best examples of missionary blog anywhere. Really. They write regularly about their daily lives in Costa Rica, turning the mundane into witty, fun-to-read insight into the lives of the missionary. They use healthy doses of unsettling candor, biting sarcasm, earnest confession, and self-deprecating humor that make readers feel as though we’re right there with them,caring for kids in poverty, struggling with Spanish, and not flushing toilet paper down the toilet."

Blog of the Year 2010
"...El Chupacabra also writes a very interesting blog...worthy blog[s]..."

Chasing the Lion
El Chupacabra and TheVWM in a sermon? Check out the link, about 34 minutes in.